Kolt ethically made backpack
Kolt ethically made backpack
Inside vies of ethically made backpack

The Kolt Backpack by PLAYBAG

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Introducing the Kolt an Ethically made backpack made from one piece of material. Sewing the fabric into a tube, we then create a rectangle shape with side folds and by supporting the top edge with an aluminum strip. This unique design features a waterproof under layer and leather detailing, representing our dedication to sophisticated simplicity and the aesthetic value of detail precision.The support strip ensures that your bag with retain the integrity of its shape, while allowing you the flexibility of adjusting the size. Unlike other roll-up backpacks, where the material is pinched and damaged during use, the strip method provides security without inflicting unnecessary wear. 

Each sanded aluminium strip is imprinted with an individual production number.


  • Leather details

  • Aluminum strip

  • Back pocket with zipper

  • Laptop sleeve


  • Black water-resistant cotton

  • Waterproof inner-lining

  • Leather

  • Aluminum