Necklace - Black Kyanite Stone

Black Kyanite stone

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Check out this dream chunk of Black Kyanite  is is a mind blowing stone with a ton of texture and has a bunch of super amazing qualities such as ,aiding  in the manifestation of vision and clairvoyance. This stone is bursting full of healing energy, Black Kyanite is a favourite among  the energy healer community, and can be  extremely helpful in body layouts. To utilize it's healing energy Black Kyanite can be put on any chakra ,its fan shape can help to sweep away any unwanted energies.
Black Kyanite it is a great helping hand in opening the lines of communication between people. Keeping a piece with you can help out in situations of conflict or misunderstanding.We Love Kyanite A lot can you tell !

Keep in mind Adorit is the designer of these beauties so we can make your chain for any length you desire, just let us know otherwise we will contact you to find out your preference .