Honeybea Handmade

Honeybea Handmade hand selects all of their materials and salvage things that were once handmade by a generation lost. A vintage afghan crocheted night after night in front of the fire, a cable knit fisherman sweater made for a loved one at sea, or an embroidered floral blanket that could have only fallen off the back of a horse drawn gypsy wagon of course! Fabrics coming together from the far corners of the world, all of these castaway treasures are gathered up, stripped down and ever so thoughtfully paired together to become layer up layer of love, life, history and warmth made just for you. Made by artist hands and bursting hearts, each one of a kind piece created is a labour of love, an original work of art. At Honeybea they believe that business should be friendly and kind, now matter how big or small.