Candle makers are changing the world.

   For the past few years Adorit has been working with a Beeswax candle Maker out of Kingston, Ontario. What makes this candle maker stand out from the rest is not only their candles being of the utmost quality but the candle makers themselves are Tibetan refugees.Written on the candles which I think encompasses why they are so special is the following sentence:

Tibetan Buddhists burn candles as offerings. Light in Buddhism symbolizes wisdom.the removal of dark ignorance and the strength to grow inner peace.

  These candles burn for an incredible period of time even the tiny ones at a cost of 4 $ burn for something along the lines of 10 hours. We have about 13 different sizes and pro ices range from 4-22$ depending on size, height etc.


This model of a start up program is I think what we need to have more of in canada , not only providing work and creating good quality projects but teaching skills that these candle makers can now take and move anywhere in the world and continue to teach candle making.

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