Our Story

Curious as to how clothing and hand crafted goods from around the world were made. Founder, Emma was inspired as a young adult to travel and see first-hand for herself.
After spending more than a year in Nepal and Tibet, she decided to pursue a career in Tourism. Once she graduated college, she landed a job as a tour guide in which she travelled extensively.
Over these next 4 years, Emma had taken people on cycling trips over the Himalayan Mountains, taught tourists how to herd yaks, took a group of Cancer Survivors on a 10-day hike along the Great Wall of China and she has been to the Mount Everest Base Camp way too many times to count.
During this time is also when she fell in love with the local artisans hand-made creations. However, Emma was shocked by the working conditions she witnessed while working in Asia.
After returning back to Ottawa she was inspired to remain connected with Tibetans and help them in some way. Therefore,  a micro-financed program was born in 2005 to alleviate poverty within a local village, giving some folks a sustainable employment.
There was great success after the opening of a stall within the Byward Market of Ottawa, that Emma was then able to open her very own shop on 153 York St.