Nomad's Hempwear

Nomad's Hemp Wear 

19-years making organic and fair-trade fashion using sustainable materials such as hemp, bamboo, soy and organic cotton. They have a fair-trade factory established in China that pays a fair wage and has high labour standards.

A quote from their website:

“Conventional fabric manufacturing is one of the most toxic processes in the world. Traditional crops like cotton dump millions of tons of pesticides into the environment worldwide each year, while sucking up our precious water supply. Just why are pesticides, dyes, and chemicals so terrible? Well, anything designed to kill indiscriminately can’t be good (see Aliens 1-4), but did you know that many of these chemicals are also epigenetic? That means that the changes they make to us at a genetic level in our generation become heritable to our children, grand-children, great-grand-children…Does this suddenly make “wrapping your goodies in environmentally friendly goodness” seem like a really good plan?”