About Us

Adorit Boutique is celebrating one decade (woohoo) at its physical retail location of 153 York Street, within the Byward Market of Ottawa. For these past 10 years it has provided a variety of Sustainable Canadian Designs, as well as Fair Trade products from India, Tibet and Nepal.  

Emma and Adorit in Tibet

Each product of ours has a personal touch, while also containing a story behind it—something that is definitely hard to find in most stores today. Likewise our one-of-a-kind clothing pieces are made of recycled materials or from “eco fabrics”—materials that are environmentally sustainable, such as bamboo, hemp and soy.

-Emma Inns (Owner of Adorit)

If you have spent any time in Ottawa, chances are that you have seen Emma, riding her bicycle in all kinds of weather, with her little dog Java riding on her back. Known for her contagious positive energy, Emma Inns is the heart and soul of Adorit Boutique. Originally from Ottawa, Emma is a free spirit with a natural curiosity and a love for arts, crafts and clothing from around the world. She has always wanted to know where the beautiful things that she was buying come from, who makes them and what life is like for the artisans. This curiosity led her to spend a year-and-a-half in India in 2000-2002. Following this experience, Emma returned to Ottawa and earned a diploma in Tourism from Algonquin College. Soon after, she landed a job working as a tour guide for an international tourism company called Intrepid. This job brought her back to Asia to share her love of the land and the local cultures with tourists from around the world.

 Over the next 4 years, Emma took people on cycling trips all over the Himalayan Mountains, taught tourists how to herd yaks, and travelled to the Mount Everest base camp 27 times. She once took a group of women cancer survivors for a 10-day hike along the Great Wall of China. Of course, on her extensive travels, Emma met local artisans from around the world and fell in love with their hand-made creations. In 2005, she set up a small-scale, micro-financed program to market traditional Tibetan crafts to the tourists. On her return to Canada two years later, Emma opened a stall in the Byward market selling Tibetan crafts to Ottawa locals and tourists. In September 2007, Adorit Boutique opened its doors. With this additional space, Emma expanded her collection to include more ethically made and fairly traded items from Canada and abroad. Whether you are already a valued customer or you have never been in the store, you should stop by. We’re sure you will adore it.

With its commitment to social justice, Adorit Boutique has also established a micro-financed program in Tibet that's aiding to support the economic development of a local village. It has been able to provide steady employment and income for Tibetan men and women, since 2005.

Come join us at the Boutique! We promise Adorit has something special for all.