6 Hemp Clothing Benefits You Can't Ignore

With fast fashion options everywhere, it's hard to find clothing that you can feel good about. Fast fashion brands have been under a lot of scrutiny lately because their manufacture processes are hurting mother nature in so many ways.

Make sure you're doing your part to live a more sustainable lifestyle by purchasing clothing that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Hemp clothing is a great option for those who want to make sure their closet isn't hurting the planet. Keep reading for the hemp clothing benefits that are making environmentally conscious people make the switch. 

1. Conserves Land and Water

Making hemp clothing takes up much less land and water than typical clothing, which usually require plants like cotton. Hemp plants need about half the area of cotton to grow, while also creating three times the amount of fiber than cotton. Hemp can also grow anywhere in the world, rapidly and quickly. 

Growing hemp also requires much less water than fabrics like cotton. Cotton requires heavy irrigation, a farming practice that is depleting us of natural freshwater resources.

Hemp requires little to no irrigation at all. In some places, hemp can thrive on rainfall alone. 

Hemp also causes much less water pollution as it doesn't need agrochemicals, which limits topsoil erosion. By purchasing hemp products rather than other fibers, you're helping to eliminate pollution into bodies of water. 

2. Sustainable Natural Fibers

Another great reason to buy hemp products is that they last longer. Hemp fabric is tight and tough and has less of a chance of wear and tear. The fiber dyes easily, but holds color well, making it less prone to fading than other materials. 

The fibers in hemp help to produce clothing that keeps it's shape longer. This makes sure that your clothing lasts longer, allowing you to purchase a few staple hemp clothing articles that you can keep in your wardrobe over the years rather than continually buying less durable clothing and producing more waste. While the fibers are tough against tear, they also get softer with each wash resulting in comfortable wear that lasts. 

Hemp fibers are also antimicrobial, meaning that it is active against microbes in nature. This helps to keep your clothes cleaner for longer periods of time, while also helping to fight off odor-causing bacterias such as mold and mildew. 

The disposal of clothing is a huge environmental issue, as most fabrics are not biodegradable. With hemp, you don't have to worry about that. When it is finally time to dispose of your hemp pieces, they will biodegrade because they are made of naturally occurring plant fibers. 

The natural fibers in hemp clothing are the best choice for a sustainable wardrobe, because they last longer, and cause less of a threat when disposed of.

3. Safer for Soil 

When thinking of farming processes, soil is an important component. Hemp grows in most soil types and actually benefits the soil during it's growing process. While many crops require harmful chemicals and fertilizers, the hemp plant sheds leaves that help fertilize the soil. 

This process helps hemp give back vital nutrients to the soil, allowing farmers to replant on the same soil in a continual planting process. This allows more hemp to be grown without wasting or harming more land and soil. Hemp is also a naturally pest-resistant plant, which lets farmers leave the soil pesticide and chemical-free.

4. Skin Friendly Fabric  

Because the fabric of hemp clothing is so closely knit, it helps block out harmful UV rays. This makes is a great clothing option for outdoor activities, where you are more susceptible to sunburns that can lead to skin cancer. It also helps to wear more durable clothing on days your out and active. 

Due to hemp's organic origins, it is hypoallergenic, making it safe for any skin type, and a great option for those with sensitive skin allergies. 

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint 

Unlike other fibers, hemp has a small carbon footprint and actually helps to purify the air. Because hemp grows through rapid carbon dioxide uptake, it can help CO2 content in the air. This process also helps to absorb damaging pollutants in the earth's atmosphere. 

Switching to hemp clothing can also help to control carbon emissions. Whereas most clothing materials are made of polymer-based petrochemicals that negatively affect the environment, hemp fibers are derived directly from the plant. This allows for a manufacturing process that requires no chemical residue. 

By purchasing hemp materials rather than more harmful ones, you can help reduce carbon emission, as hemp does not require the extra energy and natural resources. Cutting down on carbon emissions can help fight against the progression of global warming.  

6. The Switch to Sustainable Fashion Is Stylish

Don't think that saying goodbye to buying other materials means you'll have to give up looking stylish and chic. There are so many ways to buy amazing hemp clothing products for everyone.

Hemp clothing is available for both men and women and even comes in accessories. From purses, backpacks, and earrings, there is a way to dress stylishly and sustainably from head to toe. With sites like ours, there's a way to wear high fashion with little negative impact on the environment. 

Hemp Clothing Benefits: Make the Switch 

As you can see, there are so many hemp clothing benefits that can help both you and the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by making fashion choices that serve you and the planet. 

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