Eco Clothes: 10 Key Benefits of Wearing Eco-Friendly FashionEco Clothes: 10 Key Benefits of Wearing Eco-Friendly Fashion

More people are buying eco-friendly products.

The modern consumer understands the importance of sustainability and is doing their part to save our planet. This is why more people are investing in eco-friendly clothing.

Eco-friendly clothes are made with organic and biodegradable materials. The demand for eco-friendly clothing is growing and is available in many cute styles for men, women, and children.

Living sustainably will never go out of style! Here are the 10 benefits of wearing eco clothes.

1. Reduces Toxic Waste From Chemical Dyes

In addition to wearing harmful materials, many clothes are made with harmful dyes.

These dyes are made of chemicals that are harmful to our health and to the environment. These chemicals create a toxic waste that can pollute the water supply.

Eco-friendly clothes are made with natural dyes from plants. These dyes are found around the world and the growth and production of these plants and dyes also support local farmers.

2. Reduces Pesticides

Cotton fields use pesticides are chemicals and biological deterrents. This helps protect crops from predators.

However, pesticides are toxic. They infiltrate our water, soil, and other types of vegetation. Pesticides are harmful to the environment and to humans and other living creatures.

Eco-friendly clothing lowers the number of pesticides used. Organic cotton farmers may also only use organic-approved pesticides as well as herbicides and fertilizers.

3. Supporting Fair Trade

The fashion industry is controlled by a quick turnaround and throwaway culture.

This means clothing brands need to produce clothing rapidly and frequently. Because of this, most of your clothes come from sweatshops and other situations where employees are harmed.

Human rights is a serious issue. Research shows that 150 workers die daily because of hazardous working conditions.

Eco-friendly brands ensure their products are not only organic but fair trade. Many eco-friendly fashion products are also handmade, such as the products made by Grace Designs.

4. You Wear Unique Clothes

Who said eco-friendly clothing is boring?

With the push in eco-friendly fashion, more brands are finding innovative ways to produce bold clothing with sustainability in mind. From retro to daring, many style preferences are offered in eco-friendly fashion.

Eco-friendly clothing brands may also get their looks and prints from local artists. That’s what a brand such as Hot Dame offers, where designers collaborate with local artists in their native Canada.

5. Better Quality

Mainstream clothing is mass-produced and the concern in quantity over quality. Organic clothing is not only sustainable but the result is high quality.

The toxic chemicals in conventional pesticides break down the cotton fibers. This causes the cotton to be thinner and overall lesser quality.

Organic cotton only uses organic-approved pesticides to reduce toxicity. These pesticides don’t break down the cotton fibers, resulting in stronger and comfortable cotton.

Organic clothing brands also use other sustainable and powerful materials, such as hemp. Nomad’s Hempwear uses hemp in their clothing as well as soy, bamboo, and organic cotton.

6. Reduced Energy

When you switch to eco-friendly clothing, you’ll learn eco-friendly clothes require special maintenance. Most pieces can only be washed in cold water, only use specific detergents, and hang dry instead of using a dryer.

While maintaining your organic clothing takes special care, your energy bill will benefit. You’re not using as much energy, resulting in cheaper laundry days while you’re helping out the environment even more.

7. You’ll Be Healthier

As stated previously, pesticides found in non-organic cotton are harmful to living beings — including you! These pesticides impact the cotton and stay in the fibers throughout the production process.

When you wear the clothing, the pesticides absorb in your skin. While you’re not absorbing lots of pesticides, consistent exposure can affect our health greatly. Overtimes, pesticides can cause many types of cancer.

Organic crops only use organic pesticides, which aren’t as toxic. You’ll reduce your cancer risk greatly.

8. Made With Renewable Materials

Unfortunately, our natural cotton resources are running slim. Fortunately, there are other renewable materials that are used in organic clothing production. Great examples include hemp and bamboo.

These materials are also affordable. For example, Smoking Lily buys locally sourced bamboo and eucalyptus for their clothing. They also buy extra materials off of bigger brands, promoting their zero-waste company mantra.

9. Organic Clothing Never Goes Out of Style

Traditional fashion brands focus on pieces that are in style at the current moment — hence the throwaway and mass-produced demand. Organic clothing has a different mindset. They produce high-quality clothes that never go out of style.

You can find clothing that looks great on your unique figure, the clothing is versatile enough to wear for years, and in classic colors that look great on everyone.

Rather than buying clothes for the season and buying more for the next, you’re wearing clothing that is always fashionable.

10. Support Local Clothing Brands

Sure, Italian fashion designers and big-box clothing brands are all the rage. But seriously, taking advice from fashion magazines is so last season. Do you know what’s way cooler in the fashion world? Supporting local brands.

Eco-friendly clothing hasn’t made it to the mainstream yet. Many eco-friendly retailers and clothing brands are local, often making their products by hand or with a very small team.

Take Funky Buddha Collection as an example. All of their clothes are made in Peterborough, Ontario. If you’re a Peterborough local, you’re supporting another local and helping make their dreams come true.

Find Your Favorite Eco Clothes Today

Fashion doesn’t have to destroy our health and the environment. Unfortunately, many big-box fashion brands use materials such as cotton with harmful pesticides or man-made fabrics, all of which are bad for the environment.

Eco clothes have both sustainability and style in mind. When you buy eco-friendly clothing, you’re also improving your health and supporting local businesses.

Are you looking for eco-friendly clothes in Canada? Shop with us today!


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