Fashionable and Sustainable: 10 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands That Care

In a world of fast fashion, it may seem next to impossible to find eco-friendly clothing brands. However, many brands are taking the plunge and working toward becoming more sustainable. Here is a list of 10 of the best and most responsible fashion brands.


This LA-based clothing company is all about simplicity and sustainability. Not only do they tell you about what goes into their clothing, as well as how they rank against the rest of the industry, but they also believe in transparency when it comes to working conditions in their factory. So, if you are in the area, head down on a Friday and get a tour to see what they are all about.  


There has been a ton of hype around this footwear brand and it is easy to see why. Made from special fabric made from wool and designed to be eco-friendly and durable at the same time, these shoes are comfy and fashionable at the same time. Their packaging comes from recycled materials, too. 


Able is not only an ethical lifestyle brand. They are working to end generational poverty by helping women all around the world break free by offering them a living wage. What started as a brand offering a single collection of scarves has evolved into a one-stop-shop for eco-responsible clothing and economically impactful employment all around the world.

Fame And Partners

This bespoke fashion house makes custom orders, fitted especially for you and your body shape, so it fits perfectly and is flattering. They have everything from day to day wear to bridal fashion. Since they make everything to fit each customer and their body, there is no excess inventory to throw away.

Amour Vert

The name of this clothing brand translates to Love Green. That should tell you all you need to know about it. However, if you need one more reason to support this brand; for every t-shirt you buy they plant a tree.


This NYC bases denim company is working to create long-lasting, fashionable denim pieces for the whole family. They have also partnered with FABSCRAP to cut down on commercial textile waste. Together, in the last year, they have cut down CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 865 trees.

Alternative Apparel

This is another brand that is blending sustainability and fair labor. They focus on creating basics from low impact fabrics and dyes. As an added bonus, they also promote brands they love on their page so consumers have more to choose from. 

Outdoor Voices

This athletic wear company is all about getting your body moving and creating ethical clothing.  By using recycled materials they are helping people get active and healthy while giving back to the environment. 

People Trees

One of the pioneers in the world of sustainable fashion, People Trees has been working with eco-friendly fabrics and working conditions since 1991. On top of that, they are yet another brand who are not only friendly for the environment but are also fair-trade. 


Everlane's focus is on creating long-lasting, sustainable basics you can keep forever at reasonable prices. They believe in what they call "radical transparency". This means when customers order online, they can see the factory the garment comes from and how much it cost to make, import, and stock in stores.

How To Find Eco-friendly Clothing Brands:

While this list of eco-friendly clothing brands is a great start on how to find sustainable fashion, it is by no means extensive. Some other ways to make sure you are buying clothing which is good for the environment is to do a little research beforehand if you can. If not look for labels with natural fibers and organic cotton.

If you are looking for more ways to build a sustainable wardrobe, check out our blog. We also have tips on how to buy fair trade and to lower your carbon footprint in general.


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