Shop Small this Christmas!

Christmas time is here folks! We love Christmas maybe a little too much here at Adorit. There is something so wonderful about this time of year. We aren’t sick of the snow yet, and the anticipation of a favourite holiday is palpable. We are spending all of our time day dreaming about cozy fires, tummies full of food, and sending quality time with our families.

One our favourite things about this time of year is gift giving to those we love. Nothing beats that feeling when you see the joy on someone’s face when they tear thru the wrapping on a gift you picked out especially for them (and you had probably been hiding under your bed for weeks). Whether you are a big gift giver or not, I’m sure we can all agree that showing those you care about how much you love them has GOT to be one of the most amazing feelings.

Unfortunately, there is a big of a dark side to this wonderful time of year, a dark side that is epitomized by the notorious Black Friday.

For us here in Canada, we aren’t quite on the same level of deal hunting as our neighbors to the south. I am happy to report that I haven’t seen any videos of people getting trampled or injured in the name of discounted merchandise. That being said, we still find Black Friday to be a pretty disturbing part of the holiday season.

The thing is…we hate Black Friday, and I mean seriously hate it. We understand the deals, and as shoppers ourselves we get it, sales are the bomb. But the thing is, all that stuff people are getting at really great prices, comes at a very real cost. Black Friday, and modern mass production/consumption is not only detrimental to our planet, but it continually feeds a cycle of exploitation of real people. 

This year, we did something a little different, and on November 25th we celebrated Shop Small day! We gave you tax free purchases (and more deals on our website to celebrate, you should go check it out!) as a gesture of how much we love you. That discount might not seem like a lot, and you might find cheaper prices in your local mall, but the reality it, our stuff costs more because it is WORTH so much more. The cost of the things you buy at our store reflects all the careful selection, hard work, and fair treatment that went into their creation. Our store didn’t have any crazy discounts because our products are not only worth their price, but they are worth all the conscious choices that led to us carrying them in the first place!

 We hope you take some time this Christmas season to celebrate the boss babes and dudes all around you. Go to your favourite local restaurant, hunt for Christmas gifts from shops that pick what they carry specifically for their customers, and order products just for them! Buy jewelry that someone in your city MADE, BY HAND (seriously is that not the most awesome thing ever?), come say hi to the people who are using their small business to support themselves, their families and their dreams. Because when you support small buisnesses, that’s what you’re doing. Shoppers like you, who care, YOU are the reason Adorit celebrated it’s 10th birthday, this September. YOU are the first step in demanding change in the way we consume, the way we treat our planet, and the way we treat our fellow humans.

 YOU are making it possible for another human being to live their dream, and quite frankly we think that’s pretty friggin awesome.


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