Ethically Made socks
Yak socks
Ethically Made Socks
Ethically Made Socks
Ethically Made Socks
Ethically Made Socks
Ethically made socks
Yak wool socks

ApricitySox - Ethically made socks

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Are you cold all winter? Do you love wool and ethically sourced and made ? We have the socks for you! These soft and comfy babies are made ethically in Mongolia and the founder is a Mongolian-Canadian living in Ottawa.

Traditionally Mongolian fashion consists of a lot of wool, either sheep, camel or yak . These socks are incredible because of a few different things: first, they are super warm and not overly thick so easy to wear all winter long. They're not scratchy itchy! And, you can wash them in the machine just make sure you're using cold water and of course never put them in the dryer :)

My favourite quality of these socks is that they have an anti-microbial component so they can be worn many times in a row without them getting smelly, losing their shape or wearing thin. If you're looking for the perfect sock, look no further, here they are! 

The best part is they are made in a country that needs our dollars as well as our awareness of their traditional ways of life . They are ethically made in Mongolia by an Ottawa woman’s family and for those not familiar with Mongolia there is a mass relocation and destruction of their traditional nomadic way of life.  Projects like these help to flow money into a country where supporting small, ethical business is key to keeping their traditional ways of life .