First Post

Welcome to Adorit's new online store, we are so happy to be setting this up finally after seven fabulous years in business. For those of you that aren't familiar with what Adorit does and is let me give you the lowdown.My name is Emma Inns and I am the owner of Adorit we sell a great collection of clothing jewellery and accessories that is made in Canada or Fair trade in india , tibet and handful of other countries.

Adorit got started when I lived and worked in Asia and saw how so many people thought the world live in horrible conditions and what i would call modern day slaves. Here's a little fact for ya that since the abolishment of slavery there are now more people living in slavery then ever before .. something to think about next time you go to buy a five dollar shirt from a big box store.My rule of thumb for finding out if something is really made ethically si ask the store keeper for more info who made it , where is ti made etc. if they can't answer exactly odds are it is not something you want to purchase.

I wanted to open a store that had a gave behind each and every product i sold to create conscious consumers and so is Adorit. There is a story behind everything that is in the shop and we love to show and tell all of our artisans whether they be local or overseas. So have a look through our catalogue , please keep in mind that we are just starting ut so come back often as we are updating our site hourly. '

Lots of love Emma and Adorit


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