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10 years old, what can we say :)

This month's post is celebrating our ten year anniversary and we wanted to take time to say how much we love and cherish all our incredible customers!  So much has changed in these years from opening a shop during a pre social media time, to now - living in a digital age where social media and online are gaining more and more popularity. We couldn't have come this far without all of you, our supporters, you have come out in crazy weather, you have listened to our story and you have supported us not only with purchasing Fair Trade goods but also by kind words, friendly smiles and over the years turning customers into friends.  With this huge milestone just...

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Jacket madness

These incredible fall coats are made fair trade and designed right here in Canada, They have everything you need a in a fall coat they are feminine but also have a great military feel to them . I am the prude owner of one that i get so much wear from . I can use it in the evening's in the summer and all the way until November with a little cardigan underneath. We have a bunch in stock right now so come in quick before you miss our on these fabulous coats.

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First Post

Welcome to Adorit's new online store, we are so happy to be setting this up finally after seven fabulous years in business. For those of you that aren't familiar with what Adorit does and is let me give you the lowdown.My name is Emma Inns and I am the owner of Adorit we sell a great collection of clothing jewellery and accessories that is made in Canada or Fair trade in india , tibet and handful of other countries. Adorit got started when I lived and worked in Asia and saw how so many people thought the world live in horrible conditions and what i would call modern day slaves. Here's a little fact for ya that since the abolishment...

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