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What lies are lying in your Closet?

No I’m not calling you a liar, but you have been deceived. By whom exactly?  By the $$$$ Thirsty Fast Fashion Industry.  Who are pumping out clothes so quick, that we are literally buying 60% more items of clothing every year. This is partially due to the quality being so low that we can only keep it for half of the time than we used to 15 years ago.Completely makes sense now, why you keep catching those rips and holes in your wardrobe eh. They aren't completely to blame.   We’ve evolved as a society to bring in more disposable income than we're used to, so we kinda went crazy in the shopping department. Companies have also transformed during this...

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3 Stylish Must-Haves to add to your Spring Wardrobe

Mother Nature has been teasing Ottawa to the max lately, one day she gives us a small taste of Spring. Then the very next day can possibly hits us with -26 C° weather or snow or maybe even hail. Anyways, whether we are ready or not, Spring collections are popping up in stores everywhere. Fine with me- retail therapy anyone? This also means that we ourselves are getting new items in regularly.  At the moment, we are getting tons of pieces from the new Miik Spring/Summer Collection. This includes blazers, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, tunics...(you get the idea)   In case you are unsure of who or what is "Miik" It's a Canadian company that is completely processed from start to...

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Jacket madness

These incredible fall coats are made fair trade and designed right here in Canada, They have everything you need a in a fall coat they are feminine but also have a great military feel to them . I am the prude owner of one that i get so much wear from . I can use it in the evening's in the summer and all the way until November with a little cardigan underneath. We have a bunch in stock right now so come in quick before you miss our on these fabulous coats.

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